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Pressure Parts

Pressure Pipe

One of Excel Power Constructions forte is pressure parts. We have many years of experience carrying out fabrication and repairs to a variety of high pressure parts and equipment.

Our experienced staff use their extensive range of expertise to ensure continual support is given, which is essential in a highly pressurised system.

Health and safety procedures are followed strictly to reduce the risk of injury to personnel.

Pressure Parts Completed
Pressure Pipeworkings

Below are some examples of pressure part works we have carried out :-

  • Superheater elements
  • Economizer elements (Tubular coils)
  • Boiler tubes & Heat exchangers
  • Steam generating pipe systems
  • H.P. Heater coils
  • De-aerators & Steam Headers
  • Pressure vessel design and manufacture
  • Tank testing to EEMUA 157
  • Pressure testing
Pressure Pipeworkings


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