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PipeworkLarge Pipe

Piping and pipe workings play a critical role especially in the chemical, power generation and heavy industry.

We design, supply and install:

  • Piping design (Stainless, carbon steel, etc.)
  • Pipe stress analysis (Pipe CAD,)
  • Fluid piping
  • Piping support design
  • Process air/plant air/utility piping
  • Mechanical equipment and piping & construction

Chemical IndustryExtraction Pipework power generation

The chemical industry is subject to high safety controls and we supply and/or maintain corrosion resistant pipeline systems in both stainless steel 304 and stainless steel 316. We also carry out the following:                        

  • Site Survey
  • Tank Testing to EEMUA 157
  • Corrosion Resistive Pipework

Power Generation    

We have extensive experience of high pressure pipework
systems from our work within power stations and are
specialists in the following:                        

  • Hydraulic & Water Lines
  • Steam Pipelines                 

Light & Heavy IndustryExtraction Pipework

In addition to standard pipework we also supply extraction and ventilation systems.                        

Ducting – Design & Installation

  • Dust and fume collection
  • HVAC



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