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Heating & Ventilation

Extractor pipework

Excel Power construction has experience of designing, manufacturing and installing the spoke ductwork and ventilation sytems as per our customer's requirements.

Ventilation ductwork systems can be fabricated or constructed and installed as per your site needs

Where dust, smoke and potentially toxic fumes are needed to be extracted we can carry out site management co-ordinations which includes the important health and safety assessments and action plans and ongoing monitoring can be provided.

Damaged or existing installations that require maintenance and upgrading are also carried out to the strictest of standards.

Ducting – Maintenance and Installation Extractor units

  • Pipes and Ducts (Stainless, HDPE, FRP, carbon steel, etc.)
  • Dust and fume collection
  • HVAC
  • Machine extraction
  • Piping support

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ISO-BSEN-1090 Certs